Web Development

Web Design and Development is our primary function here at Norcraft Design. With over 10 years of experience in designing for the internet Norcraft Design understands web development and the web user.

We live by what we call the 5 second rule:

Five seconds to make an impression.
Five seconds to be understood.
Five seconds to establish trust.
Five seconds to generate the interest.
Five seconds to keep your customer.


Internet Users are becoming more and more sophisticated. Their understanding of the web and how it works continues to evolve and advance and so must we, to keep ahead of them. If you violate the five second rule you may lose a customer, or client.

5 is a very special number to us. Not only is it a rule, but also the number of very basic steps we take to make sure that we are understanding and meeting all of your needs, not only in our Web projects, but in all of our areas of service. We believe that great design comes from great knowledge, of you, and your goals.

Steps to Design:

Step One: Listen
Our first step is to listen to you. We ask questions and listen to the answers. Through your answers we will be able to identify what is important to you and where your passions lie.

Step Two: Communicate
Now its our turn to do the talking. We share with you what we heard. We want to make sure that we see your vision properly. We will share with you our interpretation or what your project entails and make adjustments if necessary.

Step Three: Jump in with Both Feet
Now it is time for us to do what we do best, "Create". We jump into your project with both feet. We focus our attention on developing the Vision we have developed together.

Step Four: Work "With" You not "For" You
Our process deviates a bit from the others. We want this to be a collaborative process. We want your feedback. We involve you in the process to make sure that we are on track and so we can be sure to implement any changes or new ideas which may arise along the way. We don't stop thinking when we start working...

Step Five: Deliver On Time

We know your time is valuable. Because we know ours is.

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