Web Development
Successful Web design means having a tactical rationale for the placement of every graphic, every image and every word. And that means knowing your business, anticipating the needs of your customers and answering their questions before questions are even asked. Your website function should be understood, and nothing -- neither Flash, pretty pictures or corporate branding -- should interfere with your online agenda.

This does not mean that design and aesthetics are not important. Simply that your website form should serve function, not the other way around. The architecture of the Web is about linking units of content. Effective Web design is about organizing and classifying content so that it can be easily found and read, listened to, or viewed. This is the Norcraft Design; form serving function.

Whether your firm is large or small, having a well-designed Web site is the most cost effective way to be noticed, informative and available to your clients. Find out more about Web Solutions.
  Graphic/Print Design
We turn our innovative ideas into designs that tell your story and build your brand. From web multimedia to stage backdrops, we have the expertise and creative skills to effectively communicate your message.

Norcraft Design also provides Content Creation for your web, video or presentations. We do in depth research, develop your content or messages and carry it across your various media's, providing a consistent voice throughout all your corporate communications.

To gain an appreciation for the level of design quality at Norcraft Design, you only need look at our portfolio - the visuals are consistently outstanding, inspiring and on target.

Find out more about Design Solutions.
  Video Production
The power and availability of video makes it an effective format for a wide variety of needs. Whether the final output is on videotape, CD-Rom, DVD or the Internet, motion pictures remain one of the most persuasive presentation vehicles.

There are infinite uses for video films and animations in today's business environment: from training and instructional videos to trade show and conference openers. Our videos create a clear picture of your business and add distinction to your organization's marketing strategy. Find out more about Video Solutions.
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