Graphic Design / Print Production Portfolio

Norcraft Design production capabilities also extend to printed media. We can design your large or small format projects. From Business cards and DVD packaging to backdrops which span a 60 foot stage we can create the artwork you need in the roper format.

Large Format Stage Backdrops
Every event brings a new challenge. For this one, we needed a way to cover large speakers hanging from the arena ceiling. We came up with this design and printed it on 25 foot scrims used to cover the PA speakers. Stage scrims are unique and each project has it own special requirements based on where they are to be used, and how they will react with stage or theater lighting These are all things we keep in mind when working with you to design the perfect solution.
  DVD packaging
Vanishing Link chronicles a quest to preserve the stories of the Kiowa tribe through the voices of the Kiowa Elders, the teachers of the Kiowa Way, We wanted to provide a complete package to help the producers market their video. The package included DVD authoring and label design, a poster, press release mailings, and promotional documents.
  CD Case Packaging and Inserts
Packaging for your music is a very important and personal thing. It need to attract attention, convey a message of what awaits inside and reflect the personality or mood of the artist. We work with you very closely to accomplish all of these things. We want our hard work on the outside to appropriately reflect your hard work on the inside.
  Marketing and Sales Information
Make sure that the information you present at meeting and to your customers is the best it can be. It reflects your product and your knowledge. At Norcraft Design we understand this and will create the items necessary for you to accomplish your goals, sales and otherwise.

Additional print design projects.

Vanishing Link
WOF Chandelier
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SCC Stage
Raze Stage
POG Stage

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